Benefitting From Technology

Advanced Dental Technology in Grand Rapids, MI for Your Health and Safety

While some aspects of dentistry rarely change, many recent advances in patient dental care have been made. We take advantage of these improvements at Woodmeadow Dentistry and provide them for the benefit of our patients.

One of the primary examples is 3D intraoral scanning. This scanner replaced goopy, uncomfortable, and imprecise impression material. Now, our team uses this “magic wand” to create accurate three-dimensional photos of your mouth’s interior.

These images are invaluable for patient education. We’re able to show you your mouth in real-time as you sit in the treatment chair. We can point out problems, areas of concern, track the wear of your teeth, and even illustrate treatment plans! This technology helps us to assist you in becoming more involved in your dental care and oral health.

The intraoral scanner is much more than just a cool technological toy. We can also use 3D intraoral scanning in combination with CAD software and our 3D printer. This system allows us to create custom crowns, clear aligners, temporary crowns, nightguards, study models, and more!

We utilize technology to ensure we provide the highest quality of clinical care, in everything from a simple filling to a crown or full mouth reconstruction. Learn more about how we care for you, and see us in person.

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