Patient Information

Insurance and Financial Options

We accept most traditional insurance plans at Woodmeadow Dentistry, although we do not participate in HMOs. Just as every person is unique with unique dental care needs, your insurance policy is unique as well, and we will always work with your insurance plan to maximize your dental benefits.

We are always happy to file claims for reimbursement on your behalf and walk you through the process. We understand that affording dental treatment is a concern for many patients and we strive to be transparent about expected costs, whether you have dental benefits or not.

Your dental health is our first priority. So, we always make treatment recommendations based on your best interest in your individual oral health situation, and these recommendations do not vary based on your insurance coverage.

I am the owner of the practice

I believe that many of the people who go to corporate-owned dental offices understand that they are going to be treated like a product rather than a person, so that they can get the cheapest dental care possible.  These types of facilities have a “revolving-door” of dentists and hygienists that are constantly changing, so patients never know who they are going to see when they go in for an appointment. What most people don’t know is that these corporations are now buying up offices that were previously privately owned practices, or even starting offices and branding them as if they are privately-owned.

At Woodmeadow Dentistry, we are a privately-owned practice that will never have corporate policies or treat patients as products.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at (616) 957-0303.