Meet Dr. Daniel Roberts

Dr. Daniel Roberts with his wife and their four children.

Empowered Patients:

It is my responsibility to my patients to communicate sometimes complex or confusing problems and treatment options in a generally simple and understanding way. Once a patient understands the problem and the treatment options, they are free to choose what is best for their unique circumstances.

Personalized Care:

Who you are as a person and what is important to you are the primary factors that determine what treatment you get- Not my beliefs or limitations of insurance coverage.

Dental Anxiety:

It breaks my heart when people postpone or completely avoid dental treatment due to dental anxiety.  There are different ways that we can modify how we treat patients that help alleviate anxiety and help get the treatment that is right for them.

Quality Staff:

I am proud of the people that I work with.  I think that you’ll find them to be knowledgeable and caring professionals who want to be both your friend, and your advocate.

Fun and Lighthearted Environment:

We take our jobs very seriously, but we still like to enjoy ourselves at work, cracking jokes and laughing at silly things that happen.

Inviting, Modern & Friendly:

Our office is a reflection of who we are and the quality of care we provide.

Exceptional Quality of Care:

Beautiful, comfortable and functional dental restorations that feel like your natural teeth and are made to last.

Quality Dental Materials & Equipment:

Many offices try to control costs by cutting corners and ordering their supplies from overseas companies- We only use quality materials and supplies from verified distributors.

Dr. Daniel Roberts with his wife and their four children

I am the Owner of the Practice:

I believe that many of the people who go to corporate-owned dental offices understand that they are going to be treated like a product rather than a person, so that they can get the cheapest dental care possible.  These types of facilities have a “revolving-door” of dentists and hygienists that are constantly changing, so patients never know who they are going to see when they go in for an appointment. What most people don’t know is that these corporations are now buying up offices that were previously privately owned practices, or even starting offices and branding them as if they are privately-owned.

At Woodmeadow Dentistry, we are a privately-owned practice that will never have corporate policies or treat patients as products.

Where I Came From:

My parents grew up in Grand Rapids and lived there when I was born, but moved out to Ravenna when I was about three years old.  I loved growing up in a small town- there were so many people that we were close with. What I realized about living in a smaller community was that reputation matters- People care about what you do. You cannot treat people poorly and expect them to return, so I grew up believing that if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time.

After high school, I attended Grand Valley State University for my undergraduate studies, followed by the University of Detroit-Mercy for my extensive and comprehensive dental education.  I was fortunate, as my education was funded through a scholarship from the United States Army, under the obligation that I serve as a dentist in the US Army after completing my education.